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Friday, May 8, 2009

Motor Developers and Avon

Wednesday Kaitlynn and I attended Motor Developers class. The theme this week was sports. Kaitlynn wore her Cardinals t-shirt and a pair of tennis shoes to class. Before we left the house, she saw her flip flops. She was so upset that I wouldn't let her wear them. We had to bring them with us. I wanted her to wear tennis shoes to class because of the theme being sports. I knew they would be kicking and doing other activities like that. After class, we hung out with Emily, Ella, Tara, Bailey, Eileen, Gabe, Stephanie and Payton.

Later we went to my mom's where we ran some errands, had dinner and went shopping.

I was supposed to appoint a lady to Avon, but she had to reschedule. I have 3 people to appoint next week!!!


Angel said...

Good for you on the AVON. I just starteed doing it and I love it!
As always when you start soemthing you wonder if you can really do it, but reading this gave me hope. Thank you!

Pakistani Drama said...

nice article

Emily said...

Great job with your Avon business! You go girl!

Native American Momma said...

My daughter is a shoe freak too. I just ordered her a large wooden shoe with laces. She is too young to learn to tie them but she'll still love it!

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