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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Earth Day

I watched Olivia on the 20th. Kaitlynn, Olivia and I took my mom to her follow-up appointment with her doctor from the ER visit. After Olivia went home, we had dinner and went to Babies R Us.

I watched Olivia on the 21st, as well. We went to my mom's so that Kaitlynn could play with Elliott. I also had to pick up her purse that we left at Babies R Us the night before. Thankfully they found it. Kaitlynn kept asking about her purse and money.

The 22nd was Earth Day. Kaitlynn wore the perfect shirt - it said Happy Earth. Kaitlynn attended Motor Developers class. Her friends Gabe, Bailey, Ella and Payton are also in the class. Her teacher is the same teacher as last years Motor Explorers class. We stayed and hung out with Eileen and Gabe after class.
When we got home Kaitlynn played in the backyard.
Trying to get Bailey to come into the castle with her.
After playing in the yard, we picked up my mom from work, ran some errands and then had dinner.
Kaitlynn also had her toe nails painted pink. Her big toes have a butterfly nail decal on them, so that she could be like mommy.

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