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Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Trip to Grant's Farm this Season

Saturday, April 25th, we went to a walk for Dave's work. Kaitlynn loved seeing all the dogs in the park. She especially loved this huge dog named Journey. Journey's owner was really nice and couldn't get over Kaitlynn. She said she couldn't believe Kaitlynn was only 2 and was so curious, smart and talkative.

After the walk, we went to Grant's Farm. The wait to get from the parking lot across the street to Grant's Farm wasn't bad considering it was only there second weekend open this season.
Waiting for the tram ride
Kaitlynn has an excellent memory. On the tram ride, she asked about seeing the turtles. I told her there aren't any turtles at Grant's Farm, then I remembered that they have 2 tortoises. I couldn't believe she remembered that from last year!
Feeding the goats
They have added a carousel, but we didn't ride it. They have the guinea pig area locked so that the kids can't go in anymore. Kaitlynn kept trying to climb over the fence. She was so confused as to why she couldn't go in the pen. It was surprising that they locked this area, but I guess something happened last season. Another thing they changed this year is that they don't sell the Grant's Farm cups or honor the one's from previous years. So there are no refills, unless you buy a drink that day.
Kaitlynn actually fed a camel, but got freaked out and made daddy feed the camel the rest of the food.
We ate lunch and had our free AB drinks. They only offer free beer this year. They no longer have the other free alcoholic beverages. I am just glad they still offer the free beer. I was afraid they were going to change that, too.
We went to my mom's to visit. Kaitlynn played out in the yard with Sassy then we ate dinner.

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Laura McIntyre said...

Looks like a great place , she really does have a great memory. Doubt my 2 1/2 year old would remember much from even a few months back