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Friday, January 23, 2009

Kaitlynn Goes to Preschool (and The Magic House)

Wednesday the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup went to The Magic House. We met Casey and Addison, Eileen and Gabe and Tara and Bailey. The kids were running all over the place. It was pretty crowded in the younger kids area so we went to explore the new expansion. Kaitlynn, Gabe and Bailey had a good time playing in the Once Upon A Time room.

Kaitlynn and Gabe
Bailey and Kaitlynn in the carriage.

Before we left, I took Kaitlynn in the bathroom to change her diaper. I gave Kaitlynn the diaper to hold and she threw it in the toilet. Little stinker! Of course, I didnt bring in another diaper!

I delivered Avon to a lady at my mom's work. She works at a preschool on Wednesdays.
Kaitlynn and I stayed at preschool. Kaitlynn did well with the other kids, except the idiot girl that ran her down with a tri-cycle. After preschool, we went with my mom to the Humane Society. It was closed for a staff meeting. We also went Monday and it was closed due to the holiday. My mom really wants a dog. Monday night we looked on CraigsList and found one. My mom was supposed to pick the dog up this Friday, but the man emailed my mom and said they "re-homed the dog". Stupid idiot for changing his mind and breaking the deal with my mom! She has been through enough. Since we couldn't look at dogs, we just went back to my mom's and ate dinner. We looked on CraigsList again for a dog, but didn't really find one that she wanted.

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