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Friday, January 23, 2009

Babysit and Avon Meeting

Tuesday, Maryam came over with Hasnain to meet me. She stayed about a half hour and then left to go to school. Hasnain is 12 months old and such a cutie. Kaitlynn was OK with him, but didn't want him touching certain toys. She would yell "mine". I would tell her, "yes it is yours, but you have to share it." After about an hour, Hasnain and Kaitlynn were ready to take a nap. I held Hasnain in my arms and put Kaitlynn on my shoulder to get them to sleep. They only slept about 45 minutes because Kaitlynn woke up crying with her tummy. After their naps, they had a snack and we went downstairs to play. I watched him for about 5 hours.

After Hasnain left, Kaitlynn fell asleep. I normally don't let her take naps so late in the day, but she was really fussy and tired.

Tara came over and we drove to the Avon meeting together. For attending the meeting, we got a full size sample of Total Radiance skincare and samples of a perfume that is coming out soon. I also got to choose a gift for my birthday and 2 for a drawing for taking some stock ups.
Kaitlynn was asleep when I got home. Dave said she was fussy the whole time I was gone. He was afraid she was getting sick.

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