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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

Kaitlynn and I slept until about 11AM. She has had a hard time going to sleep these last few nights because of the excitement of the birthdays. So we slept in. Dave was home when we woke up and he said he had gifts for us in the kitchen. Dave had a Valentine’s balloon, red tulips, a toblerone, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and 2 cards waiting for us.
The balloon was mainly for Kaitlynn because she likes them. Dave bought the red tulips for me because the last time we were in the store I mentioned I thought the tulips were pretty. Toblerone is my favorite candy bar and the macadamia nuts were a remembrance of Hawaii (from 2004). Kaitlynn and I gave Dave some pictures we had taken of us at JcPenney and shave cream and body wash.

Kaitlynn had fun opening her Valentine gift. She liked trying to eat the tissue paper. She liked the love bug, but was a little afraid of its voice. The voice sounds kind of alien. She also got some love bug pajamas, a love bug book and finger puppet, and a love bug washcloth.

Kaitlynn and I went to the Nursing Moms Group and then met my parents for dinner at Steak n Shake. My parents gave Kaitlynn a white bear with red hearts on it for Valentine’s Day. The other day Kaitlynn received a Valentine’s book and card from Dave’s cousin Carol.

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