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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poor Tiger

Monday morning Dave came in the bedroom and told me that there was something wrong with Tiger’s eye. He said it was almost swollen shut and his cheek was puffed out. Tiger is my cat that I have had for almost 19 years. Tiger will be 19 on June 13th. I went out and looked at him. He was sitting on the loveseat. I was afraid he had a tumor or cancer. I love this cat. We have been through a lot together. Dave called Webster Groves Animal Hospital to make an appointment, but they couldn’t see Tiger until that evening. I called Concord Animal Hospital and they said they could see him at 1:30. Dave only had to work half a day, so the 3 of us took Tiger to his appointment. The vet said that Tiger was in good shape for a cat of his age. He only weighs 7.5lbs. He said that Tiger probably has an abscess tooth. He gave us an antibiotic to give him 2 times per day for a week and told us to use a warm compress on his cheek several times a day to try to massage the blood and puss out. They don’t want to do surgery on him because of his age; putting him under anesthesia would be too dangerous. If the pills don’t work and they are forced to do surgery, he would have to be awake. This could be dangerous because if Tiger moved while they were cutting him, he could be hurt very badly. I hope that the pills and warm compresses help.
Poor baby

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