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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Girl Car Seat

Dave installed Kaitlynn's big girl seat into the car this morning and then took it up to St. John's Mercy to have it checked to ensure it was in correctly. The car seat is an Evenflo Generations Booster seat. It can only face-forward which I was a little concerned about. The instructions and things I've read online say that once a child is a year old and 20lbs. they can be front-facing. The lady that checked the car seat at St. John's said that she recommends babies being rear-facing until they are 18 months old. She said it is important because babies have big heads and don't have good head control. Kaitlynn does not have a big head and has really good head control. She really likes being forward-facing. We went to our Nursing Moms Group today and she enjoyed riding facing forward. She just looked at her Easter books and played with her phone. Then on the way home from the group, she fell asleep. I am not sure if we should look into getting a different car seat or what. I really liked having her face forward, but it's not about my convenience, it's about her safety. She goes to the pediatrician tomorrow, so I will ask her opinion. If it is not safe for her to ride in this seat, they shouldn't be able to sell them. All baby stuff seems to be this way. It's so frustrating because I just want to do what is safest and best for her.

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