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Thursday, February 28, 2008


My friend Jill is pregnant! We found out the news at Kaitlynn's party on Saturday. My mom asked Jill and her husband Emil when they were going to have a baby. Jill said "Well, it looks like in September." I wasn't in the room, but Dave was. He came in and told me. I thought he was joking. I went in and asked Jill what was going on. She had been trying to find a time to tell me that day, but I was so busy running around, she didn't get to. She said she was about 8-9 weeks pregnant. I got an email from her yesterday with ultrasound pictures. It was sooo cool! The doctor said she is 13 weeks pregnant and her due date is September 3rd. I am so excited for them. They have been married for about 6 years, so it's about time!

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