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Friday, February 8, 2008

Nursing Moms Group

Kaitlynn and I attended the Nursing Moms Group yesterday. It was nice because we didn’t go last Thursday due to the weather and we didn’t attend playgroup on Tuesday either. Kaitlynn’s little friend Gabriel was there. She loves to eat his snacks. I think she thinks they taste better than her own. It was so cute seeing them sitting next to each other eating snacks. Gabriel actually gave Kaitlynn the snack he had in his hand. I should have taken their picture. Oh well. Group was kind of sad, too. Kaitlynn and I started attending the group in May of 2007. I remember being there with Kaitlynn on my lap and seeing these moms with their older babies and the moms chasing the babies around. Well, now I am one of those moms! Tara is one of the moms I remember seeing the first time Kaitlynn and I attended. It’s been great getting to know her and some of the other moms (Emily and Eileen, just to mention a few). Yesterday, Tara and I were chasing our girls around and I just thought "oh my gosh, we are the moms with the older babies now!" Kaitlynn is the oldest out of the babies that regularly attend now. It’s just crazy how time flies! But it sure has been fun. I am very thankful for this group. Some weeks it’s our only outing. I look forward to this group every Thursday. I can’t wait to see how the babies have changed or what they’ve learned in the last week. The group has it’s regulars and new moms attend, too. Or moms just stop in because they have a question and then never come back to the group. Some are pregnant and just want to see what they have to look forward to. And some moms attend until they go back to work. The regulars are Tara (Bailey), Emily (Ella), Eileen (Gabriel), Lark (Dorian), Arkay (Freya), Lisa (Brendan), Whitney (Ellie), Julie (Alana), and of course me (Kaitlynn). I hope that when Kaitlynn is too old for the group (or she is no longer nursing), we still keep in contact with the moms and babies we’ve met. I hate to think about not going to the group anymore, but I guess eventually we will have to stop going. I am not sure when that will be, but I am not looking forward to it and I’m sure Kaitlynn isn’t either.


Eileen said...

Hey! Here I am finally really checking out your blog, about to close it, when a new post pops up and I catch a glimpse of my baby's name. Funny! I enjoyed reading your pregnancy post. It made me reminisce about those days of anticipation and excitement, almost making me want to do it all over again. Almost. Thanks for including the parts about the "mucus plug" and weight tallies (I gained 65 lbs. Yech! don't want to pile those back on). Those totally killed any ovarian yearnings. But really, very nice posts. It's funny how we start looking back on all this stuff as our babies approach their 1 year mark.

Oh, and thanks for the baby laptop idea. What brand is the one Kaitlynn is playing with, and where did you get it? Gabe goes ape sh*t whenever mine comes out. I have to hide it these days.

Amy said...

The laptop is a "Talk n Learn" laptop. I'm not sure where my mom got it. It's kind of old.