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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Preparing to Walk

This article was helpful to me because we have been wondering what is going on with Kaitlynn. She was sleeping pretty good lately (unless she was having problems with teething or gas) and she was able to play by herself a little. These past few days she has been waking up more often and will not let me leave her side. This article said that this has to do with her preparing to walk. Kaitlynn has taken several steps on many occasions. She doesn't fall when she takes steps without holding on. She has good balance because she can stand on the bed without holding onto anything. She has also started climbing on things. I know that she is ready and could walk if she wanted to. For some reason she doesn't want to or doesn't feel the need to yet. Some days I wish she would just start walking already, but then other days I am glad she isn't walking. She is already into everything, but I know it will get worse when she starts walking.

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