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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Kaitlynn and I went to church for MM. Unfortunately, Kaitlynn was the only child there, but she enjoyed helping us.

When we got home, I was determined to get the living room looking better - basically Kaitlynn's toys more organized and put up. Kaitlynn helped me vacuum. While I was vacuuming the living room (along with the couch and couch cushions), she vacuumed the hall and main bathroom. Then we moved on to the dining room and kitchen. Unfortunately, that's when both of the vacuum cleaners pooped out on us. So now we are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. We have terrible luck with them. They are constantly breaking and we are constantly replacing them. I cleaned and organized Kaitlynn's room. I bagged so many toys / stuffed animals to put in storage and organized all her toy bins, totes, and toy box. It looks better, although it is still crammed with toys. Her room is really small. Next, I took on the kitchen - mainly the area where Kaitlynn's toys are. She has a table and chairs set, play kitchen, dishes and food for her kitchen, dress up stuff, pretend cash registers and 2 noodle tubs. I moved everything off of her table and organized them in containers underneath the table. It looks better (at least for now). Finally, I tackled Kaitlynn's shoes. She has a shoe organizer for under her bed, but somehow her shoes don't seem to find their way back there. As I was going through her shoes, she was missing mates to 2 pairs of flip flops. Luckily, I found the mate to 1 of the flip flops.

Kaitlynn had swim class. Dave and Kaitlynn played in the shallow part of the pool before class started and then Kaitlynn got right in when it was time for her class to start. I was so proud of her during swim class. I think she has conquered her "fear" of the pool. She is so brave! They sang songs, splashed with their hands and the teacher worked on having the parents hold the kids while they kicked their legs in the water. Kaitlynn started moving her arms, too! She is a natural, a fish! She put her face in the water a few times and was OK with that. With 5 minutes left in class, they went over to the shallow part and let the kids "dive" for rings. Kaitlynn had fun throwing the rings in the water and going after them. At one point, she fell in and went under the water, but was brave enough to get back in the water and continue playing. After class, Dave and Kaitlynn continued playing in the water - the shallow and deep parts. She is so much more confident. She is just so stinking cute walking around in the shallow part of the pool!

On the way home from swim class, Kaitlynn informed us (again) that she needs a TV for her bedroom (actually she said TVs)! I don't know how comfortable I am with that at all. We have a TV in our bedroom and I know we really shouldn't. I don't want her to think she has to have the TV on to go to sleep. It's such a bad habit to start. I know we are not setting a great example, but it's hard to break bad habits.

After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I watched "The Lovely Bones." It was a good movie, however, I did not agree with the girl's "heaven." I do not believe that when we die and go to Heaven, we will still be tormented by something that happened to us here on earth. There will be no looking back or wanting revenge. There will be no tears, longing or sadness. To me it was like the girl went to hell. How horrible to be dead and keep reliving your death or waiting for revenge! I felt is was a twisted view of "heaven", but thought the acting and the rest of the movie was decent.

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