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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remembering My Dad on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad! I miss you so much! I can't believe you have been gone for over 2 years now. I am so glad that you were here for all the special events that you were, but I sure miss you and wish you could be here for the special events that have happened in the last 2 years and for the ones in the future. I thank God for giving me such a special dad. I wish I would have realized how blessed I was to have such an amazing dad who sacrificed everything for us. Kaitlynn is getting so big and she is so smart and beautiful. I can't believe the last time you saw her was in April / May 2008. She still remembers you and I hope will never forget you. You were such a dedicated grandpa. I miss you everyday, but I know more and more that you are in a better place. You are in a place where there is no disappointment, no pain and no tears; only peace, joy and love. Until we meet again.

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