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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grant's Farm and the Zoo

Last month Kaitlynn, Nick, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to Grant's Farm. We went early to avoid the extreme heat. Kaitlynn fed the goats. Kaitlynn and Nick rode the carousel. Kaitlynn, Nick and MawMaw Tommie ran through the mister. Kaitlynn and Nick pet the donkeys / ponies. We stopped for lunch and a snowcone. We walked through the stables and called it a day since it was getting unbearably hot and the kids were ready for naps.

Kaitlynn did the cutest thing and I wish I would have captured it on The Flip. She picked up her Brittany Chipmunk from Build-A-Bear and started singing along with it to "All the single ladies!" It was super cute! I have to get that on video.

Kaitlynn, Nick, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day for a Zoo trip! Kaitlynn was very concerned about a sick sea lion. We saw the donkeys, giraffes, zebras, camels and big cats, went to the Zootenial Exhibit and then rode the carousel. Kaitlynn played in the water fall outside of River's Edge while Nick napped. We went through River's Edge. Kaitlynn was in amazement when she saw her reflection in the glass at Hippo Harbor.
What a great day at the Zoo!

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