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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zoo and Fireworks

2 more cherry tomatoes! Homegrown are so delicious!
Update on Turtle: We still have the turtle and it seems to be doing well. Kaitlynn isn't as interested as she was when we first got him, though.

Friday, Dave and MawMaw were both off of work. We decided to spend the day at the Zoo. Apparently everyone decided to do the same thing. The parking lots and the surrounding streets were full. I have never seen it that busy.
We viewed the tortoises near the Herpetarium and then went through River's Edge. Of course this was after stopping at a gift shop and MawMaw buying Kaitlynn a bag of rocks.
After River's Edge, we at lunch and went to the other gift shop. MawMaw bought Kaitlynn a momma penguin and a baby penguin. Kaitlynn was in love!
Waiting in line to board the train.
Kaitlynn got to say "All Aboard" over the speaker.
Kaitlynn loves riding the train.
Watching the bears getting fed.
Penguin Cove
Kaitlynn likes to watch the puffins, even more than the penguins.
Riding the carousel, not once
not twice,
but three times. We were so excited because the first 2 times, she decided to ride the lion. The third time she was tired and wanted to sit on the bench.
This chimp was laying in the tree, all spread out.
We watched and listened to the band (Kim Massie) playing at Jungle Boogie. Kaitlynn colored a gorilla picture for Dave and me and then one for MawMaw.
This is how Kaitlynn eats Pringles - A Pringles Sandwich!
"Stealing" some mulch
Playing in the drinking fountain
We had such a great time at the Zoo.
Later that evening, we went to a cousin's house to watch fireworks. We had a nice time catching up and watching the display.

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