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Monday, July 13, 2009

Grant's Farm and Free Slurpees

Saturday Dave, Kaitlynn, Toni and I went to Grant's Farm. We saw lots of animals on the tram ride.
These donkeys were so close to the tram, I could hardly take a picture of them.

After we got off the tram ride, as we were heading to the goat pen, it started sprinkling. It didn't seem too bad, but as I reached for my wallet to get money out to buy a bottle of milk (so Kaitlynn could feed the goats), it started to become more than a sprinkle. We took cover by the gift shop and restrooms. The rain slowed down, so Dave bought a bottle of milk.
The sprinkling started again as soon as Kaitlynn finished feeding the goats through the fence.
We were surprised that the goats were taking cover from the rain.
It starting pouring, so we had to take cover between the gift shop and restroom again. All the times, we have been to Grant's Farm the last 2 years and this is the first time we have been rained on.
After the rain slowed down, we headed to the Animal Encounter Show. The show was canceled due to the rain, but they brought out 5 animals for everyone to pet, after the rain stopped.
Kaitlynn pet a rat,
a possum,
an iguana,
a cockatoo and a snake. She pet the snake a few times.
They also brought an owl out, but you were not able to pet it.
Kaitlynn chose to sit on Toni's lap instead of in the stroller.
Kaitlynn took this picture of this tortoise.
The flamingos were fighting. Of course, as soon as I got the camera out, they stopped.
African Elephant
Kaitlynn kept saying "pony ride" because she said she wanted to ride the pony.
We went to the Beer Garden and had lunch. Kaitlynn made some wishes by throwing coins in the fountain.
We finished our visit at the stables watching the Clydesdales.
Then we took advantage of 7-11's free Slurpee deal. Kaitlynn enjoyed her Wild Cherry Slurpee.
Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's and did some grocery shopping. We met up with Dave later and went to dinner.

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