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Monday, July 13, 2009

Babysitting and Water Play

Wednesday I babysat Olivia. That evening, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's to run some errands.

Thursday I babysat Olivia.
Kaitlynn showed Turtle her room.
Kaitlynn played peek-a-boo with Olivia. Olivia gave Kaitlynn the biggest smiles while playing.

Friday after Olivia left, Kaitlynn, Dave and I went outside. We watered the tomato plants and Kaitlynn played with the hose.
Afterward, we ate dinner and did some yard work in the front. Kaitlynn was so happy to be outside.
Kaitlynn had a tough week. She does not like when we are at home too much. She threw temper tantrum after temper tantrum. She missed her friends and going to our usual places (Grant's Farm, the Zoo, the park, etc).

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