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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meeting Merci and Mocha Monday

Monday, July 13th, Kaitlynn and I went to Eileen and Gabe's to meet their newest addition - Merci. Merci is such a doll! It is hard to believe that Kaitlynn and Gabe were ever that little. Eileen makes having a second child look so easy and she looks great. I can't believe she just had a baby!
Kaitlynn and Gabe were so happy to see each other and have a friend to play with.
Yes, Kaitlynn has a Cubs hat on. No we are not Cubs fans, but it made for super cute pictures.
One of the best things about Monday is that McDonald's is having their free mocha Mondays promotion. It's only 7 oz (for an iced mocha), but I like the caffeine boost.
Tuesday, when I told Kaitlynn that Olivia was coming over she said "Oh, thank you mommy" like it was such a treat for her. She does enjoy Olivia coming over and helping babysit her.
Not sure if I mentioned this, but a few weeks ago we had to ban Happy Feet because Kaitlynn had an all out tantrum when she was told she couldn't watch the movie again. She begged and pleaded, so we thought it best to ban the movie for awhile since it was becoming an obsession. We replaced it with Ice Age, since she enjoyed the Ice Age 2 McDonald's Happy Meal toys. She calls it Age-o. Her favorite character is the baby.

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