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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Saturday morning Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to Denny's for a late breakfast. Then we went to MawMaw Tommie's.
This tricycle was my younger brother's. I can't believe it's still around. It's over 20 years old.
MawMaw Tommie lives in the country. They have goats, cats, dogs, chickens, hens, and a rooster along with a lot of land.
Johanna, Brandon and Amy decided to get into the birds' pen.
Amy caught the rooster.
Johanna caught one of the hens.
Then Kaitlynn decided that she was getting in with them. Yuck!!
Time to chase goats!

Kaitlynn had so much fun running around. She didn't want to leave the goats' pen.
Dave, Kaitlynn, Josh, Angie and Maribeth playing ball
Kaitlynn and Beast
Maribeth, Brayden and Kaitlynn throwing snaps or pops (whatever they are called) on the ground. Kaitlynn actually picked one up and popped it between her fingers.
Angie helping Kaitlynn with a pop.
We had to move into the garage because it started sprinkling.
Kaitlynn liked sitting on the John Deere tractor.

Bubble Time - We brought 4 small bottles of "4th of July Bubbles" for Brayden and Kaitlynn to play with.
Kaitlynn loved 4 wheeling with Maribeth.
On the 4 wheeler with Virginia
4 wheeling with Daddy
We couldn't get Kaitlynn off the 4 wheeler, so everyone just kept riding her around.
Daddy's up at bat
Bubbles, Bubbles
Kaitlynn, Maribeth and MawMaw watching the pre-show (of the fireworks). After dinner, it started raining again, so we had to take cover in the garage.
Chilling with Josh
Watching the fireworks with MawMaw Tommie and MawMaw
Watching the fireworks with Mommy
We had a great time at MawMaw Tommie's - lots of food, drinks, fun, fireworks, 4 wheeling and guns. Dave and I checked out my cousin's guns. Dave even shot one, but that's just too much power for me. Even though it rained a little, we still got to shoot off fireworks and had a great time.


Theta Mom said...

What great pics! You all look like you had a great time!

Nikki said...

Looks like a very fun and busy day!

A Modern Mother said...

Wow you must have spent the whole time behind the camera -- great pics! I missed the 4th this year, that for letting me share yours.