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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Third Times A Charm

Late Sunday night / very early Monday morning, Kaitlynn woke up coughing. She could hardly sleep from coughing so bad. Monday, I tried waking her up to get her ready for our playgroup's playdate at Yummy & Co. She was crying and coughing and crying some more. The barking cough was back and the wheezy breathing began. She said her throat hurt and told me to call her doctor. She said she didn't want to meet her friends or get a cupcake. I tried calling the pediatrician's office for about 30 minutes before I could get through. I guess lots of kids must be sick. They were able to get her in later in the afternoon.

When we went to her appointment, the barking cough had stopped, but she was still coughing. I was concerned that the Croup was back. She had it in November, December and now again? 3 times in less than 3 months? What is going on? The pediatrician checked her out and confirmed that it was Croup (again). She gave some samples of steroids and said she may have to take them for 4 days (if she isn't better after 2 days). She said there are a few viruses going around that are causing Croup. She also said that if Kaitlynn gets it again, she will send us to a specialist to have things checked out. It is very concerning to me that my healthy daughter is getting sick so much now. Croup 3 times in less than 3 months! Maybe it never completely went away in December. I'm not sure, but I sure hope she gets better and stays better.

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