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Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Sleep Over

Packing her suitcase
Ready to go

Kaitlynn had her first sleep over / night away on Friday. She stayed at MawMaw's house. I am proud of Kaitlynn taking this big step. She is just such a big girl and so independent. She wanted to spend the night last Wednesday after 123 Imagine (Sesame Street Live), but we were worried about the weather. MawMaw and Kaitlynn decided on Friday night. After her nap on Friday, she said she wanted to pack her suitcase for MawMaw's house. She called MawMaw and asked if she could still spend the night. Not even 3 and already making plans (without mommy and daddy)!

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Valerie Neal said...

AAAAWWWW how sweet!!!

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