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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve

Thursday we spent the evening at home. We rung in the New Year as a family. We made fajitas for dinner. They were yummy! Kaitlynn loved the sparkling white grape juice she picked out. She drank half the bottle by the end of the night! Dave played Wii and Kaitlynn and I built a house for her doggy with the MegaBlocks. She also gave her doggy a haircut at her new hair salon station. Dave and I enjoyed some Pinot Noir. We made cheese fondue and watched a little bit of the NYE program on ABC. I attended the Virtual New Year's Eve Party on It was a lot of fun! At midnight, we had a champagne toast (Dave and I did, Kaitlynn drank sparkling white grape juice), popped poppers and blew horns. We called family to wish them a Happy New Year. At around 1AM, Dave remembered that we wanted to eat 12 grapes at midnight. So we did, even though it was a little late. Hopefully it will still bring us luck! We ended the night / started the year with some coffee (hot chocolate for Kaitlynn).

NYE through Kaitlynn's eyes


a49erfangirl said...

We stayed home and spent it as a family too. The kids played xbox. Hubby and I played the Wii. I bought some wine but for some reason now since I had Brittany yet another wasted wine done the drain. It use to be my favorite wine too. LOL Happy New Year!

Nikki said...

Happy New Year!