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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We enjoyed the beautiful warm weather by playing outside. Dave and Kaitlynn played in the pool. We also had Turtle out to enjoy the day. Then Kaitlynn and Sassy looked for animals in the "jungle."

Later MawMaw, Hanna, Brandon and Adam came over. We had a great dinner - barbeque, grilled corn on the cob, pasta salad and baked potatoes. We walked up the street to watch the fireworks. They were awesome! Then we headed home for dessert - lemon cake with lemon icing! Yummy!

We went to MawMaw Tommie's. Kaitlynn had so much fun riding on the 4wheeler, first with Adam, then Hanna and then Dave! Kaitlynn also had a lot of fun going down the water slide. She said she's "been wanting to do this her whole life!" When she would slide off the bottom of the slide, she would jump up and say, "I ok!" Super cute! Kaitlynn and the other kids did some pops, snaps and sparklers. After dinner they did more sparklers. Kaitlynn, Hanna, Adam and Brandon had fun swinging on the hammock and relaxing. We watched the fireworks display after dark. We had a great family holiday weekend!


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