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Friday, March 5, 2010

March Begins

One day this week, while out to dinner, Kaitlynn made bracelets for Hanna and Adam.
I attended Bible Study this week and that continues to be a good time for fellowship and networking. Kaitlynn visited with MawMaw Tommie and Linda. MawMaw Tommie gave Kaitlynn her birthday gift.
I love these Mary Jane Crocs that I just bought for Kaitlynn (and she does too)!
Kaitlynn, Aidan and Sassy enjoyed playing outside for about an hour the other day. Thankfully the weather was nice enough. We can't wait for warmer weather.
Kaitlynn, Aidan and I picked up Hanna so that Hanna could babysit Kaitlynn while I went to a SAHM&D Networking Session at the ECC. I was so glad I went. There were 6 other moms there and they all seemed really cool. We are supposed to get together soon. 2 live really close by, which is always exciting. Kaitlynn and Hanna had a good time together, too.

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Cascia said...

Those bracelets are adorable!