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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cousins and Best Friends

Kaitlynn and I met Cynthia, Annabelle and Alayna last week. Kaitlynn and Annabelle get along so well. They never fight or argue. We never have to intervene to make them share or anything like that. Actually, we do have to make sure they are including others sometimes (if they are playing with something that other kids want to play with). It is so awesome when they play together; Cynthia and I actually get to talk to each other and finish conversations! Since Alayna is so little (she is not even 3 month old), she is either being nursed or held and seems pretty content with that. Annabelle and Kaitlynn love to pretend play. It's just awesome! Kaitlynn says Annabelle is her best friend. They both adore each other and love spending time with each other. I am so glad she is so close to her cousin and that she has a cousin so close in age to play with.

Cynthia said something interesting as we were leaving. She asked if 15 years ago when she was cutting my hair, if I ever thought that our little girls would be playing together and be such good friends. I told her no and that it was a surprise when we found out she was dating my cousin. It's just a small world! I think it is very cool how our lives have intertwined over the years. Now, to have our little girls playing together and being the best of friends is pretty awesome.

I know that Kaitlynn is only 3, but I am so glad that she has already found such a good friend, someone that she considers her best friend. I hope she always has at least one best friend and always finds herself surrounded by friends and people that love and support her.

*I need to take pictures of the girls when they are together. They are so cute! Other people even comment on how cute they are together.

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