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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Zoo with 2 Babes

Wednesday morning Meghan brought Olivia over for me to watch. We packed up and got ready to head out the door. We were meeting the Mommy and Toddler Playgroup at the Zoo. Of course we were running late and then later. Kaitlynn found 2 soda cans that were half full in the garage, she decided it would be a good idea to dump them out and stomp in the puddle. The bottom of her pants were so dirty, I had to change her clothes. I really liked the outfit she had on and I was so upset with her that I had to change it (plus we were running late). Thankfully most of the other moms meeting us were running late too. After we parked and I was getting the stroller ready and then the girls out, I was having so much trouble. Things weren't fitting in the stroller and falling out and I couldn't get Olivia in the sling tight enough. I was thinking "what the hell am I doing? I am crazy for thinking I could go to the Zoo with 2 kids." But things went well.

We met Eileen, Gabe, Trisha, Kylie, Kelly, John David, Jenn, Colton and Eleanor there. Kelly and her son John David are Trisha and Kylie's friends, but I have met them before. Jenn and her kids Colton and Eleanor are new to the playgroup. We went to River's Edge first.
The elephants were out.
The hippos were on land instead of swimming in the water.
Kaitlynn and Gabe were super cute! They held hands, hugged and walked around the Zoo together (not the whole time). Kelly commented on how cute and sweet they were and how well they get along.
After River's Edge and the Primate House, we saw the big cats, zebras, and giraffes then headed to the cafe for lunch.
We were all pretty well done after lunch. Jenn, Colton, Eleanor, Kaitlynn and I stayed and looked at the bears, chimps and penguins. We had beautiful weather. It wasn't too cold or too hot (or windy). We had good conversation and enjoyed our time together.
Kaitlynn fell asleep while we were walking to the car. Her and Olivia slept while we picked up my mom from work and then went to our house. Jeff picked Olivia up. My mom, Kaitlynn and I went to dinner and then to TJ Maxx to return an outfit Kaitlynn received from my aunt.
While at TJ Maxx, this big mirror fell over on Kaitlynn's head. All she did was walk up to the mirror and touch it. Thankfully the glass didn't break, however, the frame busted. She had a red mark on her forehead, but said she was OK (after she stopped crying). A worker took our information down. I am really ticked that they had those mirrors placed the way they did. The mirrors are too big to be placed on the brackets they had them on. Anyone could have bumped them and gotten hurt. I am so glad that Kaitlynn didn't get hurt worse (than just the red bump and being frightened).

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