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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Kaitlynn got her toe nails painted a sparkly purple on Saturday night (along with mommy). She did really good, too. She sat on the toilet and was very patient about waiting for the polish to dry.
The Easter bunny left Kaitlynn's Easter baskets on the kitchen table.
Kaitlynn had fun with her new things.
Then it was time for an Easter egg hunt. I put candy in the eggs that I hid. She enjoyed finding one and opening it to eat the candy, but got the hang of it. We wanted her to find all of the eggs, then open them.

Then daddy took some pictures of Kaitlynn in her Easter dress.

Our little Easter bunny!
Her baby doll (that she named Katie) had a matching dress, but of course we forgot to take pictures of Kaitlynn with her doll.
We went to my mom's. My mom was sick, so my niece and I cooked Easter lunch (which ended up being more like dinner).
Easter basket from MawMaw.
With Aunt Neese
Kaitlynn had fun with Hanna

I love these markers my mom got Kaitlynn. They only work on the coloring book, so she can't get marker all over her skin or clothes. What a great invention!

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