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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Five for Fighting

Five for Fighting's newest release, Slice, was available in stores on October 12. This album is a snapshot or blog of John Ondrasik's life experiences. It is Five for Fighting's fifth album. You may remember him by the Grammy-nominated song Superman — from the Five for Fighting album America Town (2000).

If you're a fan of them, you will like this album, with a tracklist of the following:
1. Slice: "more than a slice of american pie." This song sounds like it should be in a Chevy commercial.
2. Note to the Unknown Soldier: John sings "I never knew you, but I'm told you were the best that we had," "I never knew you but I know your the best man I know," "It's a better world because you came", and "my kids'll know your name." What a great tribute to our military / service men and women.
3. Tuesday: The events of 9/11 are at the core of this, on which John sings: “The thing about memories/They’re sure and bound to fade/Except for the stolen souls/Left upon her blade”. He explains: “That song isn’t ‘Superman Part 2,’ there’s none of that in there. It’s much more of a plea for us to not forget the lessons we learned that day.”
4. Chances: is the first song released from the album. Check below for a video of John performing this song.
5. This Dance
6. Above the Timberline
7. Transfer
8. Hope
9. Story of Your Life: was written for his wife of 12 years
10. Love Can't Change the Weather
11. Augie Nieto

Check out John Ondrasik's TV Appearances:
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John will be hitting the road in October with An Acoustic Evening with Five for Fighting. To find out about how to get tickets in a location near you, go to his site.
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