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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eckert's and Haunted Hayloft

Sunday October 18th, we went with my mom to the Grafton Eckert's. The drive was beautiful. As we were picking apples, Kaitlynn told me to "Stop taking my picture. I love you too much." She also kept saying "I don't know" and "I have a question." She just cracks us up. She is always coming up with something new.

We met my niece and her boyfriend at Purina Farms for the Haunted Hayloft. We didn't get to see much as they were already starting to close things down. I wish they would have told us that before we paid for parking. We got to see the tail end of the dog show, walk through the barn and that was it. It wasn't worth the drive out there or the $5 it cost to park.

We ended up going out to dinner afterwards. Kaitlynn has really started to like Adam. On the way home, she was pretending to talk to him on the phone. She asked him to come over to her house to see her turtle. Then she asked him if he has a brother or a sister.

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The Eckert Family said...

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Keep Smiling!